GMK 80s Kid


GMK 80s Kid

This is a limited pre-order for a MiniVan and Roadkit specific GMK keycap set.

This set features

  • Double shot ABS using the following colors N3, CC, MG1, and TU2.
  • Deep dish F and J.
  • Profiling (from the top - row 2, row 3, row 4, row 4)
  • MiniVan AND Roadkit coverage.

Hi-rez images

After purchasing my first GMK set, I quickly fell in love with the keycaps. The only issue I had was having the correct profile caps for all the modifiers on my MiniVan keyboard. This set is my debut into custom MiniVan GMK sets and I have plans for many other color ways. I am excited to have what I consider end-game keycaps, specially designed for my keyboard and I hope that you are as well!



Sets are on hand and ready to ship.