MiniVan Keyboard Kit

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The MiniVan is our flagship keyboard. Packing all the functionality of a fullsize keyboard into a mini form factor. 

Incredibly portable without sacrificing usability. Everyone at TheVan Keyboards uses a MiniVan to create, design, produce, render, discuss and much more.

We created a keyboard that wouldn't hinder us from doing the things we love. We removed everything that felt unnecessary and only kept the essentials. We write code, create 3D models, do electrical engineering, touch up photos, render photo realistic shots, photoshop, etc.

What comes in the keyboard kit?

  • Silver Anodized MiniVan Chasis
  • USB Type C PCB (supports both A to C and C to C configurations)
  • Cork Feet
  • Cherry PCB Mount Stabilizers
  • Hardware (screws and wrench)

What do I need to complete the keyboard?

  • Switches (44-46 switches)
  • USB Cable
  • Keycaps