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The MiniVan Hacking Keyboard, or MHKB for short, is a premium case designed specifically for the MiniVan keyboard system, with a respectful nod to the greats before us.

The components are CNC machined out of solid aircraft grade aluminum, ensuring precision fit and strength. A choice of styling and color is yours to make. Of course if you have a hot swap MiniVan already, the PCB is fully compatible.

TOP - Available in two variations. E-Series features a balanced blocked 1U bottom row corner style, S-Type utilizes an asymmetric 1U block immediately left of the space bars.

PLT - 5.1mm thickness switch plate. This not only adds additional heft, but also gives the case a great sound profile while typing. 

BOT - The bottom of the housing. 3/4 inch diameter foot wells support equivalent pads and double as the mounting point for SHU.

SHU - The optional SHU provides the case with a 6 degree angle, and sockets directly into the foot wells of the BOT. When attached, SHU integrates into the design by continuing the geometry of the components above it.

There are two color options to choose from - Industrial Gray and Fabulous Teal

The case includes foot pads for both flat and angled orientations, M3 bolts for main case assembly, and screws to attach the SHU.

NOTE - This is an order for a CASE. A PCB is needed to complete the build (and is available here). Existing hotswap MiniVan PCBs are supported. This is a pre-order. The production order has been already been placed and is estimated to complete in around 45 days. Half of stock has been purchased as of 7am PST 4/4.