[GB] LightCycle Keycap Set - orders closed

Signature Plastics

[GB] LightCycle Keycap Set - orders closed


4-4-2017 Order Placed with Signature Plastics. estimated completion in 10 weeks


Due to popular demand the LightCycle keycap set from the MiniVan drop has been expanded into a full set. This set features:

  • DSA Profile
  • MX or Alps stem
  • Double shot abs
  • Tron themed novelties
  • Various layout support (MiniVan, 60%, TKL, 104, etc.) 

NOTE: This is a group buy meaning that once orders close on March 31st, 2017, the bulk order will be placed with Signature Plastics. Estimated production time is 10 weeks. Estimated shipping date from me to you is May 31, 2017

Size Guide

Base Set


International/Compatibility Kit