HUB profile key caps are specifically designed for the modern enthusiast and end user.


A complete and accessible key set produced using double shot injection molding - we ask for your help to address the costs of tooling the molds.

>>>>>> KICKSTARTER <<<<<<<

Keyboard enthusiasts know that key caps are a crucial component in the customization and overall feel of the user experience. Availability and accessibility of a high quality product, however, is currently limited.

We mean to change that.


  • Double-shot, injection moulded, ABS plastic
  • High quality moulds, thick walled
  • Comfortable profiling and sculpt


In 2007, humanity reached a milestone with text being the most used form of communication, surpassing voice.

Whether for communication or entertainment, school or work, typing is fundamental and the keyboard is integral to our day-to-day experience. Yet while clothing or cars fit varied tastes like second nature, customizing an essential part of our lives—the keyboard—has somehow been overlooked.

Until now.


We believe in having a choice in the way our keyboards look and feel. A progressive typing sensibility requires both quality and imagination from the mechanical keyboard format.



A full set of affordable key caps with sharp attention to detail, design, and short turnaround time is our objective. After designing from the ground up, specifically for the avant-garde typist and user, we are able to pass on the benefits of more key caps and lower prices.



We are extremely fortunate to partner with veterans in plastic engineering who have expert knowledge on everything injection molding from a wide array of backgrounds such as Mattel, Apple, and the aerospace industry. And while maintaining manufacturing in the United States is not an industry standard, we find that doing so has benefited us with more efficient communication, creative troubleshooting, and higher quality control. We couldn't be in better hands.



Kickstarter funding will allow us to assert the cost of tooling the molds for a key set which will cover nearly every standard and community keyboard with a single, low-priced set. With little to no queue or overhead after mold production, we envision a surge in creation from the community, bypassing long waits and prohibitive cost scaling.


The funding from this campaign addresses tooling, materials, production, packaging, storage, and shipping.






Our initial run of 12 colorways share a common palette, ranging from our own popular previous runs with other plastics companies, to re-imagined versions of community favorites, influenced by classic typewriters and terminals. Making sure the palette was solid was a high priority for us, so that sets produced were able to be mixed and matched to create even more personal creations, maximizing their value and potential.








The typeface developed is based heavily on the Grotesque family, giving nods to the key sets from the past that hold a place in our hearts. The icons are based on Unicode in its earlier stages and are designed to be versatile with the popularity of repurposing key caps to different locations on a keyboard. We hope that the detail and attention helps us to have a strong base to work from while move forward toward the future.



Just as important as any part of a key cap is the sculpt and profile. This affects the way your fingers feel when you type, how your hands feel while resting, and how the board looks as a whole. Thin key caps, for example, can produce unwanted noise or feel flimsy.




The design of HUB drew from the classics and we refined them for the contemporary typist and keyboard enthusiast. Taking inspiration from the aesthetic shape of spherical styled caps, yet giving them a comfortable profiling to type on, was a necessity. Several iterations later and after hundreds of hours of testing and everyday use, the final equation is now prepared for production.




Backers who choose a reward tier including a keyboard will receive our classic MiniVan keyboard, updated for a new generation of typists with hot swap sockets. These completely eliminate the need for soldering —meaning you can snap in whatever switches you please and be happily typing in minutes. Interface with any device, your personal preferences are stored on board.

But what is a mechanical keyboard? Why does it matter? 

A mechanical keyboard uses a mechanical switch, illustrated below. The connection made within the switch completes a circuit and sends a signal to the device connected. The benefit of a mechanical switch is that it is highly customizable in terms of feel and travel. The benefit of a programmable mechanical keyboard is that you can personalize it, right down to the key.

After all, it is YOUR keyboard.

Typing is a physical experience

A keyboard is a tool, but also a toy. From writing messages, online shopping, keeping in contact with friends and loved ones, creating art, obtaining directions...the things we accomplish every day on a keyboard are endless.

If an imaginative keyboard experience speaks to you, you’re in the right place! We would love to have you join us in the creation of something special, so hop on for the ride! We are incredibly grateful for your enthusiasm to help make this vision happen for all of us who, like you, already enjoy the world of keyboards—as well as for those who have yet to discover it!





 Type happier.