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For the discerning admin...

The Rack Mount MiniVan is any sysadmin’s best friend. Constantly on the go, it’s the perfect sidekick to get in and out and on with your day.

Easily interfaces with any machine via the Universal Serial Bus standard. The keyboard has a type C receptacle that can connect to systems via USB Type A, Type C or OTG.

Program your perfect layout to the rack mount’s on board memory and have a unified typing experience across all systems. This board will delight you on Windows, MacOS, Linux, or any other operating system you can throw at it.


  • Polished, solid brass, rack mount case (over 2 lbs!)
  • Hotswap MiniVan PCB
  • N6 Keyset (GMK)
  • Genuine Cherry Stabilizers
  • Cork Feet
  • Hardware / Wrench

To complete your kit you will need to bring your own MX compatible switches (cherry, gateron, kailh, zeal, etc) and a usb cable.

The rack mount’s hotswap pcb allows for myriad layout options that can easily be reconfigured. Want dedicated arrows? Not a problem! Need an extra key on the left? Go for it. No matter how you work, the Rack Mount MiniVan will accommodate.

This solid all brass, mirror finish is a limited edition with only 25 units being produced. While the rack mount will certainly return, it will never look quite like this again. There is NO coating on the brass. We feel the natural patina that builds on brass tells a unique story to its user. If you so desire, the brass can easily be repolished to its original mirror quality.