Status Update 8-26-2019

Dealing with plastics manufacturing has been much more challenging than I would have ever expected. Due to the low quantities everything has been moving very slowly. Typically in plastics most companies are dealing with hundreds of thousands to millions of parts. We have been working with orders under 1000 parts. 

I am expecting the Kumo case remakes to be ready any day. Once those are ready and I pick them up I will process the remaining orders as quickly as I can.

Catalyst color match is complete and approved. The first atom color match was rejected. I am expecting the second match to be complete any day now. Once that is approved both the custom colors will be ordered and that is expected to take 4 weeks for the pellets to be made and shipped to the injection molding company.

Catalyst, Atom, Ghost and Midnight will all be molded at the same time.

I have also been in the process of moving across country for the last couple weeks. I am in my new location and almost set back up to operational status. Any in stock orders from the last couple weeks will be shipping out this week.

Once I get a count of all extras for switches, plates etc. I will have the site updated with those items.

After Kumo, Catalyst, Atom, Ghost and Midnight are sold out and shipped we will be closing the shop for a bit. If you are wanting to pick up a MiniVan kit, now would be the time to do so.




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